Pink Eyes

Yesterday we met our fabulous friend neni and she did a make up on me !

She used :

Foundation : Paris-Berlin 2 and 4
Mac deep medium powder
Mac blush pink swoon
Eyeshadows : Paris-Berlin FS-22 and FS-8,Mac Pigment Bright Fuchsia,MAC Pigment Magenta Madness,
Mac Pigment Reflects Rust (limited), Mac Cream Color base Pink shock,Mac Pigment Pink Neon (limited)
Lips : Myth Mac (the line is with Mac cream color base Pink shock)

I hope you enjoyed it !! xx


Neni is a talented make-up artist and you can contact with her here : http://www.facebook.com/neni.nikolaou

ps : neni's earrings MHW by Panagiwta  Ferentinou


Say Yes To Colors

After our obligations we were able to go for a walk and grab a coffee downtown as long as the weather is still good here (but unfortunately only the weather is still good)!We didn't arrange what to wear but finally we both had a total black outfit with a light sense of color ... Best friends have common things between them ! xx 


Iren : Zara blazer 
H&M shirt,skirt,bag and necklace  
ASOS brogues 
Topshop sunglasses 

Laraki : Ralph Lauren sweater 
Vintage shirt 
ASOS trousers 
Topshop creepers
MHW by Panagiwta Ferentinou earrings  


The waffle issue

I was bored at home with my self so i called my love ira and she was at anjie's . I put my self in the car and went there where i found those two surrounded with computers and electronic stuff . It was like entering a hacker's room . They even have a new waffle maker in a box . I was so excited cause i was gona eat some . They made some waffles but suddenly when i saw the result IT WAS NOT GOOD . Not good at all . It was so thin like a toast bread with nutella .. Conclusion : Do not buy waffle makers ever !!!

Vintage Blazer
A.A Body
ASOS Trousers,Pumps and Ring


Everywhere There Is Beauty

                                           Levi's jacket
                                           H&M crop tee,bag,necklace and cross ring
                                           American Apparel skirt
                                           Russel and Bromley loafers
                                           Topshop rings


Protect Me From What I Want

Vintage shirt,vest and cross necklace
Topshop leggings
Vans era shoes
American Apparel bag

Special thanks to Ls for the vest and Bart for the photos ! <3


Back to my girls

               I'm here now .. with my girlfriends ! I missed them so much and we're having such a great time :D

A.A crop Top
ZARA Leggings
H&M bere Hat
Vans era Shoes