Jeans on Jeans

I am in a hurry! I have to go downtown... What about you ? I just wanna escape from my reality, blah blah blaaah ! Have a nice weekend fellows, do something that fulfills you  xx  

Levi's jacket and cut offs 
American Apparel shirt 
Topshop necklace and cross ring 
H&M sunglasses 
Bag : here
Dr.Martens : here 



Supreme Beanie

Supreme beanie 
Jumper from thrifted store 
Shirt : here
Cheap Monday jeans 
Vans  Era shoes 
Nail ring : here 
Topshop anchor ring 
H&M chain 
APC bag 




Recently we made a collaboration with jewelry Thallo and the pictures you see are the result ! The first time we saw the jewelry we thrilled because we have to do with real flower jewel .. More specific after constant research they transform all kinds of flowers into high quality jewelry ! The result is personalized jewels of high quality in affordable prices. You can check more and find the closest store to you : here and here !!!

At last but not least we have to give special thanks to Thodoris Ioannou who took the pictures and did the edit, Maria who brought us in contact with Thallo and Neni Nikolaou who patiently did the make up (we have to say that we not only thank her but we love her :p) !

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did ! 


Fashion Room Service

Yesterday we went to a party created by the Ozon Magazine, where we had a good time but we sweated quite a lot :p There we met a new friend, Chara and we're excited to show you her blog ! Check it : here

Iren : H&M sweater 
Zara skirt 
Shirt : here
Dr.Martens : here 
Bag: Urban Outfitters 

Laraki : Holly Mustache Jacket 
H&M Dress
Asos cross Ring
Topshop Ring
Marni for H&M Shoes
Bag from here


Always something there to remind me

Sun sun and sun ! I loved that walk .. the weather was awesome ! The day was neither too cold or too hot .. just spring :D
So keep up what you're doing !! The weather will help .. Cya !!
Ooh !! And keep an eye for the upcoming collaboration ;)

Vintage Sweater
ZARA Leggings
Topshop Creepers and Sunglasses
H&M Cuff
Bag from : here
NARS Lipstick 


Things Done Changed

Sometimes I'm not into minimalism as you can see :p  Anyways, we are preparing with Laraki a project these days, so stay tuned to see what is coming... Kisses only to those who follow us on bloglovin hahaha (I'm kidding) !!

Vintage blazer 
H&M shirt,skirt,necklaces,cuffs 
American Apparel tights 
Urban Outfitters bag 
Topshop sunglasses and anchor ring 
Velvet Dr.Martens: here 


No one is to blame

Good day to all !! It's a wonderfull day :) Finally some sun and warm around us .. Take the chance and go for a walk ! Grab your ipod and go,just listen to the music you like and chill on a bench .. Spend some time with yourself ! Do meditation ! We need it sometimes and it helps a lot believe me ..

Dress from here
H&M Socks 
Vintage Hat 
Primark Shoes
Earrings from here


Everything's Berry

I really don't know what to write... Blogging this period of my life is a little bit weird ! Can't get much inspiration! The situation here in Greece is getting quite tough and I can't just ignore what's going on around me. I know that a fashion blog has no relation to that kind of issues, but as I said my mind cannot ignore it. I'm  sorry but I find it hypocritical writing to you only about fashion stuff !  

Shirt : here 
Velvet Dr.Martens : here
Leggings and beannie H&M 


Marni at H&M

Goodmorning guys ! Long time no see ! I had no time for photos ! But i will have soon .. till then i'm sharing the madness i had for these shoes ! Psychopath for sure ..



Yesterday I had a lovely day with my girls, Dimitra and Nicole ! Finally, I finished with my exams and I feel free to do things I like. I am really sorry for the crybaby attitude we had the past weeks but our program was to busy and we had too much pressure... Love till the next one and feel free to :