Dream Lover


I am so excited with my new MacBook,finally it came in my arms :D Did I mention that everything is still normal here? 

H&M jacket for Aids collection (H&M necklace) 
Converse shoes 
dress old  


Si,se puede

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I'm obsessed again .. I have no time limits for once again ! I'm sleeping in the morning and i wake up in the noon .. I'm not sleeping the hours that i need to sleep and i'm not sleeping well at all .. I have to stop it but i can't ! Once i started,once i destroyed my self AGAIN ! I'm talking about the simulator game (SIMS) !! I hate it and i love it at the same time .. Thank you for once again E.A. games .. 

Wildfox Sweater
Levi's Shorts
Jeffrey Campbell lita shoes 


Forever Young


This is the fake me !


 aaand this is the real me !


When I see pictures like these of mine I understand why sometimes weird people still ask me for an ID  when I want to drink! God, I am 22 fucking years old, I should graduate this year from my uni (but I won't) and I have on my back many bad and good experiences... PLUS I have manyyy white hairs hahaha! However I get it but I will oppose! I will stay (or just try to be) forever young bitches without high heels, transexual make up or desperate non-clothing! Kisses till my next delirium :)

HUF socks (I will show them better)
Supreme tee
H&M pants
Vans Authentic shoes


H&M Showroom Autumn 2012

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Yesterday we visited the H&M showroom in order to check the upcoming Autumn 2012 collection. The event was hosted at Booze, in a very cozy room full of light. The hosts were polite,the food we bet that was tastefull cause we didn't try it :p but we honored the beverages! Enjoy the photos we took for you and get an idea for your Autumn clothes... As far for us, we liked almost everything! 

Laraki : Holy Mustache Shirt 
H&M Shorts
Topshop Shoes and cross Earrings
Vintage cross Necklace
Bag from the flea market 

Iren : H&M Tee and Necklace 
Topshop Leggings and Shoes
Bag from : here
ASOS Sunglasses


Small and Cute

P5130636 P5130641 P5130647 P5130649

Hello kiddos!I will meet Laraki in a while for the autumn H&M press preview. We will show you photos later... 
ps: Spring is so distracting only for me :p ??


H&M trend skirt, H&M crop top and necklace 
Topshop bag and loafers 


Addicted to you

Photobucket 4kk 2-5

Too much sun in my eyes .. I couldn't see the camera :p
A lot of homework too,i must start ..

Cardi from : here
Topshop Bralette 
ASOS Trousers,Heels and Ankle cuffs 

P.S. : I like her !!


Thallo Summer 2012

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I did a photoshoot with Thallo for the summer 2012 collection and these are some of their samples .. They have plenty of amazing things !! Just tour your self into Thallo world and you'll find out ..
Visit their page : here and their online shop : here
Make up by my beloved  Neni Nikolaou !!