Si,se puede

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I'm obsessed again .. I have no time limits for once again ! I'm sleeping in the morning and i wake up in the noon .. I'm not sleeping the hours that i need to sleep and i'm not sleeping well at all .. I have to stop it but i can't ! Once i started,once i destroyed my self AGAIN ! I'm talking about the simulator game (SIMS) !! I hate it and i love it at the same time .. Thank you for once again E.A. games .. 

Wildfox Sweater
Levi's Shorts
Jeffrey Campbell lita shoes 

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  1. I so know what you mean with the Sims phase that you're going through. I just couldnt stop playing back when the Sims 2 had first come out. I haven't played for years though, because I know that once I start I wont be able to stop it!
    Love your Wildfox sweater hereee! xxxx

    Elena- blue velvet