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So much heat and so much humidity here in my neighbourhood .. I can't stand it !! Tuesday i'm leaving town for an island in cyclades with my girlfriends .. I'm soooo looking forward to it !! I'm gonna be all day and all night at the beach lying down,i won't get up till my return .. I suggest you do the same,find a beach and stay there till the end of the summer :p

Dress from here
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes 


Summer On Smash

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The heat in Athens is unbearable! Thank god I have on my ipod the new tracks by Nas and I feel kinda better... His 10th solo album, "Life is Good" is a masterpiece, I hear it all the time! Moreover I am leaving again Athens in a few days so I am patient with everything is going on here.

p.s.: last picture is the view I had from a friend's house last night, flawless!

H&M trend skirt
old Zara shirt
Converse shoes
Topshop sunglasses and necklace
eye ring Asos
uni envelope as clear bag


Summer Outing

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As we said we left Athens for three days and despite the tiredness was worth so much! Fresh air, sunshine, perfect sea and good company ( 8 girls -1 boy :p) ... It was as good as it sounds! Oh and we did free camping as we are naturalists and that's why we don't have outfits to show you. We were all day with our bathing suits at the beach! We should respect nature because only she has to give us so much.  Love u xx



Give me the blame

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Good morning to everyone ! Especially to those who woke up right now .. Well I must get ready for the weekend  ! Me and Iren will go camping in a small island close to Athens .. Will be back on Monday though with some photos from there :D
Do you have plans for this weekend ?!?!

P.S. : I love my loofy !!

H&M Shirt
Skirt from here
ASOS Heels 
Topshop Necklace


Coming home


Hello from me too ! Long time no see .. But i had to put some priorities these months,so excuse my absence ! Well i'm here now and we will give you some good stuff till September .. :p 
Nah ! We won't go for so long again ! We'll keep you updated for ever !! You won't get rid of us so easy :D 
It sounds like a nightmare but it's true hahahahaha

American Apparel Top 
ASOS Trousers 
Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Shoes 
H&M Necklace 


Bad Vibes

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Hello again! Gotta love these flatforms by Jeffrey Campbell although I'm not a big fan of the brand! Am I the only one who finds the lack of creativity irritating?! They just make shoes other more expensive brands already have. It's good that we have a cheaper version but we need also more inventive designers! My opinion...Did you see that Laraki was again stated: here ?? Thank you Nasty Gal !! Love to you all xx 

tee-hat: Supreme 
cut offs: Levi's 
flatforms: Jeffrey Campbell here 
necklace: H&M 
eye ring: Asos 
cross ring: Topshop 


American Flag

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I should have done this post on the 4th of July (For those who don't know it's the American Independence Day) HAHAHA Of course I am just kidding! I am in a hurry now because I will take my girls and we will go for a swim today... It's still so hot ! Love u  xx

tee: diy by me 
skirt: Lazy Oaf here 
necklace: Asos 
rings: Topshop and vintage 


Back Again

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YES! Finally done with my exams! I am so sorry about not posting anything for such a long time but I am a firm believer of quality over quantity. So here is my first shot after the storm :p See you soon kiddos xx 

ps : any plans for holidays ?? 

tee: eBay
skirt, necklace, ring: H&M  
triple rings: Asos 
socks: Huf 
shoes: Vans Authentic