Bus lane

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In these photos i look like i shaved my hair from the left side of my haid and grew up a little ! I kinda like it :p
I'm leaving town tomorrow because of my exams ! I'll come back though on Monday to see the one and only group and i'm leaving again on Wednesday .. God i hate busses !!

Holly Mustache Jacket
Insight Tee
Topshop Leggings
Superga Shoes 
Blanco Bag 
Earrings (gift from My Honey N)


Show your back

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Show your back to those who don't understand your value :) Irrelevant but who cares! I didn't have the chance to show you this swimsuit by H&M and in my opinion it's worth it. You can wear it as a body also because its back rocks! xx

H&M swimsuit 
American Apparel skirt 
Converse shoes 


Public enemy

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I'm all alone at home since yesterday ! I like it in the daylight but i hate it in the night .. I'm a bit scared ! I don't know if it's silly but i feel it !! I don't like to be alone at nights ! But in general i like so much loneliness and quiet .. :)

Benissimo Dress
Superga Shoes
Emporio Armani Sunnies 
Topshop Ring


Like a Boy

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I wish I could wear all the time boyish clothes like these. I am a big fan of them and a big hater of high heels and sexy woman clothing! Story of my life... For sure in my previous life (if that shit is true) I was  a man. 

Supreme tee and bag 
vintage shorts diy by me 
American Apparel socks 
Vans Authentic shoes  



524269_420701451300557_2091872292_n IMG_7526

Here we are! In Glam Magazine-insert with the newspaper Eleftheros Typos (1st picture) and Vogue Hellas (2nd picture)! 

The previous month Chara Selalmazidou contacted us in order to give her some information about our blog. We were very happy to cooperate with her and see the result and her kind words in Glam Magazine. Our friend Neni is also mentioned for her great make-up and her unique bikinis !  

The other feature is slightly older! Do you remember the H&M event we attended in May? Probably not :p However the Vogue feature is from there, the H&M showroom, where we see a nice pose by Laraki. ( we zoomed the photo to look better)



Back to Back

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Well well! Here I am... I know it's been a long time but I was on holidays out of Athens, specifically at the southern point of Europe for 18 days or something :D I had such a great time!  Fortunately Laraki updated almost everyday so you had a taste by us! xx 

H&M top and cuffs 
Zara skirt 
Supreme hat 
Jeffrey Campbell shoes available here 


The end

5-3 3uu 4-6

That was the last day on the island ! I was so saaaad .. I wanted more !! I had so much fun ! I can't wait for the next summer !! It's ok though cause i'm leaving Athens again on Monday for i don't know where this time,but for sure i'm gonna go camping !! So i'm leaving you now cause i have to pack my things ! Btw it was raining here yesterday and in a kinda wierd way i liked it :)

Topshop Top
H&M Bra and Necklace(gift from Iren <3)
Levi's Shorts
Shoes from a store with accessories 


Long trail

Photobucket IMG_7339

As you can see my friends love me enough to do me photoshoots when they were on vacations and they just wanted to go out for a drink :p 
I had no choice though so they did it .. I love them a lot too of course and i owe them !!
P.S. : Too much booze that day !! 

Top from here
Vintage Trousers 
American Apparel Bag 


Full moon

IMG_7291ii IMG_7287oo

Well here i am again !! That was the second night of our lovely week .. We rent bikes and went to Pori for a full moon beach party ! There were no lights in the streets to Pori but we could see everything because of the moon light .. It was magical ! Some friends of mine was playing live jazz music and we enjoyed it so much !! My girls,jazz,sea,mojito and the full moon ! I couldn't ask for anything more .. Oh and i didn't ride the bike with my heels after the shoot i changed and i wore sandals :p 

H&M Dress diy by my seamstress 
(inspired from nasty gal,it was out of stock and i wanted badly) 
MHW by Naya Feredinou Necklace 
Vintage Jacket 
Marni for H&M Shoes


Back to reality

IMG_7246lllll IMG_7248kk

Hi there ! I came back from Koufonisia yesterday .. I'm still a bit tired ! I'm not the outgoing type and i had a looong time to get tipsy !! Every single night my girlfriends wanted to drink and dance till the sunrise and so we did .. I begged them to sleep and rest a bit but naaah,they wanted the same again and again ! I think i want a week of sleep and rest !! I just need it ! Btw Koufonisia islands was so worth it !! I had such a  "GREAT " time .. I'm gonna remember this vacations forever :p

Topshop Brallete 
ASOS Trousers 
Vintage Belt 
Bag and Sandals from Athens Flea Market