Bad Karma

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I can't describe you my misfortune lately, crazy things happen hahaha! It's a reason also why I haven't done a post for so long! Anyway I've read also recently : Contrary to common misunderstanding, Bad Karma isn't when you do something bad to someone then they will do something bad to you. Bad Karma is when you do some Action to someone and you then feel guilty or responsible for committing that action. Probably :p 

tank top diy by me
Carhartt shorts 
Huf socks 
Vans Authentic shoes 
H&M necklace and vintage cross 
Topshop ear cuff ( gift from Laraki :D )    


The blame on mame x Click jewels (4)

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Well .. The time has come ! The winner of our giveaway is Nancy Tziola !! Congrats :D
We will sent you an email for further information,so check your inbox !!

These are the last pieces from the stuff i had to show you ! I love them both ! As i said before i like this collection a lot .. I'm gonna purchase on something for sure :p

P.S. : Photos taken by Stauroula Kolidaki ! Check her profil : here !!

Versace for H&M Jacket
Dress from here
Superga shoes 
Earring and ring Click jewels


The Blame On Mame x Clic Jewels Giveaway

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This is my second choice ! I love them both,especially the necklace ! I think i'm attracted to its shape ! It's giveaway time : Clic Jewels has kindly gifted us this beautiful studded necklace to give away to one  of our readers :D   The GIVEAWAY starts now and ends on Sunday 23/09/2012  at 01:00 pm.

Anywho to enter:
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The winner will be announced on FB and here, hurry up lovers and Good luck  xx

P.S. : Stauroula Kolidaki did it again ! Check her flickr profil : here

H&M Shirt
Leggings from here
Vans era Shoes
Necklace and Ring from Clic Jewels !!


The blame on mame x Click Jewels (3)

DSC_7496 DSC_7410-1

I picked some jewelry to show you too and this is the first piece ! I liked the studded ones so i'm gonna show you this collection of Click Jewels ! Here is a perfect studded necklace made by an amazing girl ! I wore it this way cause i think you must have your shoulders free .. The necklace is so majestic it self,so you need pretty much nothing else to wear on top .. That's my way ! You can wear it in every way of course just keep it simple up there ;)

P.S. : Photos taken by my super crazy and beloved friend Stauroula Kolidaki !! 
Visit her flickr profil : here

Topshop Top
American Apparel Skirt 
Click jewels  Necklace 


Cirque du Soleil

P9101502 P9101505 P9101541 P9101553

Yesterday I had the chance to see for the first time "Cirque du Soleil"! I was thrilled, I can't describe you how much I enjoyed it. Very good performance by gifted people! You should buy tickets and see them...

shirt from: Nasty Gal
dress old diy by me
Nike Vintage Blazers
H&M ring



Get a glimpse, they really shine :D :

Contortion-PicCreditCamirand-CostumeCreditDominiqueLe 20100703_Alegria4 TrapezeSynchroA 20100703_Alegria


There is no other way

Photobucket 3oo Photobucket

That's my last summer outfit !! I think i'm way over summer now .. Besides i like winter more !!
What do you prefer ?! The most of the people prefer summer ! I can understand why but not exactly .. Sometimes the heat is excessive and i can't stand it .. I'd rather get cold but hot ! If i get cold i'll put something on me but if i get hot what am i supposed to do ? rip my skin off  ?

Topshop Top,Jeans and Necklace 
Espadrilles From Athens Flea Market 


The blame on mame x Clic Jewels (2)

P8281304 P8281307

Here as you see is my second transformation with a studded jeans collar by Clic Jewels! My simple tank top looks much better with this studded detail :) See you soon kiddos with a complete outfit xx

H&M tank top


Suspicious Minds

Photobucket Photobucket

Ι have to go to Athens again ! Ι'm sick of it .. I need to stay here for a while ! I'm doing good with my exams so far and i'm glad ! I hope you too .. I have to study now so i'm giving you my love and i'm out !! 

Topshop Dress
H&M Shoes
Bag from here


The blame on mame x Clic Jewels (1)

P8281301 P8281287 P8281292

The creative Elisavet over at Athens based jewellery label Clic Jewels has kindly given us some collars and other stuff in order to show you her work. Everything is handmade and imaginative! I chose this bow and another collar because I thought it would be nice to show you how you can transform a boring shirt or tee into a fancy outfit! I firmly believe that accessories make an impressive look. Stay tuned because we have more posts with Clic Jewels aaaand a GIVEAWAY for you lovers! xx

American Apparel shirt