The blame on mame x Click Jewels (3)

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I picked some jewelry to show you too and this is the first piece ! I liked the studded ones so i'm gonna show you this collection of Click Jewels ! Here is a perfect studded necklace made by an amazing girl ! I wore it this way cause i think you must have your shoulders free .. The necklace is so majestic it self,so you need pretty much nothing else to wear on top .. That's my way ! You can wear it in every way of course just keep it simple up there ;)

P.S. : Photos taken by my super crazy and beloved friend Stauroula Kolidaki !! 
Visit her flickr profil : here

Topshop Top
American Apparel Skirt 
Click jewels  Necklace 


  1. I love that skirt. Very classy outfit!


  2. I love it!