My stamina can take it

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This weekend i visited my country house with my family in order to clean and repair the house !! We're doing this cause my brother getting married the next summer .. Anyway i found an opportunity to go for a walk in the city and after that in the place above which is nearby my home and took some photos to share them with you !! Hope you enjoy !

Shade London Sweatshirt
Topshop Jeans
Office Shoes
ASOS Chain 
YSL Lipstick 


I cheated myself

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I like the Jacket ! The simplicity of it ..  I also love the trousers but weren't as i expected !! Too tight at the hips area .. Anyway i love the fabric and the shape so i'm gonna wear them with large tops !! Large tops .. So cosy and comfy ! I think i'll stay !  

Minusey Tee 
Topshop Trouser and Earrings 
Jacket from Thrifted Store 
ZARA Shoes 



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I love my new sweater, I believe it's funny and comfortable at the same time! Regarding my skirt combines two trends of this season leather and burgundy... Do you have a favorite trend so far for winter?  See you soon xx 

sweater: here 
shirt: Nasty Gal 
skirt: H&M
necklace: Clic Jewels 
bag: Blanco 
shoes: Vans Authentic 
ice cream iphone case: Ebay 



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Have a nice day fellas !!

Cap from here
Boy London Tee
Levi's Jeans
Superga Shoes


Small and humble

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I finally wore that skirt ! I actually bought it in July but i had to get it to my seamstress to shrink it at the waist area and unfortunately i got it this week ! I have to do this with almost all of my bottom stuff cause i have a small waist ! I find difficult clothes to fit me exactly !! Anyway i like it but i have not much time to wear it .. so i'm gonna sleep with it tonight ! I'm kidding of course .. and now i'm blabbing ! Goodbye for now !!

ASOS Tank Top,Skirt and Bracelet 
Nelly Shoes
H&M Necklace 


Crime doesn't pay

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I love this jacket ! I actually wanted one 3 years now and i finally got it ! I didn't bought it though !! I think that you can match it with sneakers and high heels too,it's very adaptable .. and cosy ! One of my fav's !!


Carhartt Varsity Jacket
Topshop Crop Top
Skirt from here
ASOS Shoes,Bag and Chain
Rings from i don't know where !!  



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Aaaaand the summer won't pass .. I'm Bored ! I need winter ! I need a blizzard ! Give me a blizzard mother earth ! I need to sleep with a quilt and wear beanies,scarves and jumpers ! Just bring it on !!

Dad's Shirt
Levi's Shorts
Superga Shoes
Topshop Ring