Thallo winter 2013

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I think that you all know Thallo jewellery !! Well after the summer 2012 collection i did this one too !! I think we have mutual feelings :p It's unnecessary to tell you that i love their work,you have eyes !! Don't you ?!
So blink them cause you're gonna need it !!
Visit their online store : here
P.S. : Make up by Neni Nikolaou and Photos by Studio Gakis !!



H&M Showroom Spring 2013

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Yesterday we were invited to the H&M showroom in order to see the Spring collection 2013.The room was awesome and the view as well! The upcoming collection is cool,we liked many pieces. Nice evening with nice buffet and champagne..
The end !!

P.S. : We forgot to bring the camera so we will show you our outfits in other posts :p

*photos by: Christos Karagiorgakis


The world is ours

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As you can see in our last two posts our relationship is complicated and full of passion haha! These photos somehow reflect us. We love eating,discussing about various things,fighting,laughing,fooling around but mostly we love each other very much. Friends are important so find someone who fits you better than your favorite sweater! xx

*photos again from St.Kolidaki :D

Iren: sweatshirt here 
american apparel socks here 

Laraki: sweatshirt Shade London here 
american apparel socks here 


Trill Shit

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It's been a long time since the last photoshoot we did together,so here we are! As friends also we dress sometimes the same and think about the same things...Photos are again from our lovely friend St.Kolidaki. Kiss xx

Iren : Supreme Tee and Beanie 
H&M Earrings,Socks and leggings
Necklace from Ebay similar here
Dr Martens Shoes from Nasty Gal  

Laraki : SSUR Beanie 
Boy London Tee
H&M Earrings 
ASOS Necklace 
ZARA Leggings 
Office Shoes 


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

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On Tuesday we joined an exclusive fashion party hosted by H&M and Maison Martin Margiela. Above you are able to see some of the items we liked! We can't describe you what happened when the collection started being on sale, real war! Although we enjoyed the event and the special music part. 



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Do you want a varsity jacket? So, do it right and buy a Destroyer,it is so fucking great! Otherwise, Greece forgot to proceed into fall,so tees for day, sweater or jackets for the chilly nights. Have a great week guys! Kiss x 

jacket (similar): Nike Destroyer
tee: Supreme Kaws Box Logo 
jeans: Cheap Monday from Nasty Gal 
shoes: Nike vintage blazers 
earrings: H&M
bracelet: Versace x H&M