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I've never mentioned who takes my photos or lends me sometimes clothes and stuff. So at this point I believe it's time to thank the most stylish and genius person I've ever met, my boyfriend Bibo. I owe him much,therefore I'll drink to that! Cheers!

shirt: Lacoste
sweater: thrifted store 
leggings: Romwe here 
necklace: Clic Jewels
shoes: Vans Authentic



DSC_0186 Photobucket

Black,white and soft pink !! Sweater,leggings,flats and beanie ! Comfort and warm .. That's how i like it most of the time !! I do loooove heels though,extremely :p 

P.S. : Photos taken by St. Kolidaki ! Visit her flickr profile : here !

Vintage Blazer
H&M Sweater
American Apparel Shirt
Batoko Leggings 
Superga Shoes 
SSUR Beanie 


One fine day

1-9 Photobucket

The second piece i found in this superior closet is this shirt ! I don't know who owns it but i took it :p
It was a fine day as i said so i matched it with a carefree skirt and i added a bit colour with my earrings ! Hope you like it !! 

P.S. : Photos by St. Kolidaki ! Visit her flickr profile : here

Vintage Shirt 
American Apparel Skirt 
Superga Shoes 
MHW by Naya Feredinou Earrings 


The jacket

DSC_0255 Photobucket DSC_0303

I found this suede jacket among other perfect pieces buried in a closet at my country house !! It was my father's ! But he hadn't wear it for years now ! I saw it and i was like WTF ?!?! Why i hadn't see this closet before ?! Anyway i grab it and now it's hanging on me ! Better than a hanger for sure !! I found some other stuff too,so stay here for more !!

P.S. : Photos taken by St. Kolidaki ! Visit here flickr profile : here

Vintage Jacket 
Insight Tee
H&M Necklace
Topshop Trousers
Office Shoes