One day

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One day in Laraki's bedroom...I wish I could be there right now talking with her about silly stuff instead of having to study! Big kiss xx 

leggings: Romwe buy here 
Laraki's jeans shirt: vintage 
shoes: dr martens here 


Good girl gone bad

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The ultimate jacket !! I adore it .. I found this little treasure at my country house ! In this superior closet i had mentioned once .. I think that it's a perfect match with my platform shoes !! Well i have one last piece from there to show you and we'll close that magic door .. Stay here to check it !! Till then .. Bisous !!

P.S. : Photos and edit by Ziza Nius !!
*I'm wearing different socks :p*

Vintage Jacket
H&M Dungaree shorts
Minusey Tee
Office Shoes


I'm a beast

3-11 2-11

As i promised to show you .. that's my way for a more formal outfit with a fur !! Little black dress and over knee boots .. That's all you need !!  Nafunky Kotes says that my eyes look like Prodigy's eyes of mobb deep .. hahahahaha to the hell (greeklish) !! 

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius  and edited by me !! 

Vintage Fur 
American Apparel Dress
Topshop Boots 
Earrings from here

Too bad i didn't make it to see him .. Fucking exams !!



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Right now I am studying International Economic Law!Kinda boring... How did your week started?
p.s. : I bought this blazer in October but I never posted it here...I don't know why :s
Cheers xx

studded blazer: Zara 
riding pant: American Apparel here 
tank top,rings,necklace: H&M 
cross ring: vintage 
shoes: Vans Authentic leopard




Fear factory

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Good morning to all of you ! I just woke up and it's too early for me i must say ! Crap ! I have to stop this but i can't !! Anyway the photos taken on a very cold night and i wanted to show you how you can wear your fur in the day ! I have pictures for a night suggestion too taken on a bit rainy day ! Ironic :p But later this week ! I'll leave you now cause i really need to study !! Otherwise i won't be on time !!
So cheers !!

P.S. : In the last photo is one of my photographers Ziza Nius and he is so fucking funny guy !! The other one is the one and only Nafunky Kotes !!


American Apparel Shirt
Sergio Tacchini Sweater
ASOS Trousers
Vintage Fur


Dead Nature

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Taken on a freezing day in Faliro wandering with Laraki! Regarding my outfit black on black on black... I wish you all a good week! Big kiss x

beanie: Supreme popeye 
t-shirt: Thrasher here 
jacket: Barbour 
skirt: H&M 
rings: H&M and Asos 


Lost and found

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This is one of my favourite pieces in my closet ! This sweater ! I bought it before 3 months from minusey.com and i finally found someone to take me pictures,so here we go ! I think i'm getting better from the flu .. thank god cause i have to go out of town next week for my exams !! 
See you soon ..

P.S. : Photos and edit by Nafunky Kotes

Minusey Sweater
Vintage Skirt
Superga Shoes
Bag from here


Doomed World

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I love my new shoes,I really looove them. Finally are mine thanks to Angie who brought them to me from California :D I bought this body also approximately for 10 euros and is pretty good. Velvet really makes all the difference!  This is my first post for 2013, so I wish you a happy new year! Kiss xx

beanie: Supreme
body: Stradivarius 
jeans shorts: Levi's 
shoes: Vans Authentic leopard 
necklace: ebay (similar here



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Good day to all of you ! Too bad that it's not for me too ! I think i got the flu ! The last two weeks i'm sleeping in the morning and i think i weakened my body ! Anyway i'm off for a walk with Iren to take her pictures cause her exams are close enough and she won't have time for this later !
WARNING : It's too cold outside don't go anywhere ! Light up the fireplace,make some hot chocolate and see a movie !!

P.S. : Photos and edit by Nafunky Kotes ! He is one of the persons in my life who makes me laugh so bad !
Every time i meet him he makes my day ! So one love !

Vintage Blouse 
Topshop Jeans 
ASOS Shoes,Necklace and Cuff