Dipset thing

 photo 8bf54659-be17-4105-8a03-31cb251f74e8.jpg  photo 925fd9cf-9c80-47e7-be9b-a58cf108ee04.jpg  photo 14638294-17c0-4290-b135-4e729fd91dfa.jpg  photo b57c9f59-571b-47e9-a81b-f25418ff5e27.jpg  photo fc3c565b-c3d0-47e0-9d17-1051abb8cc64.jpg  photo 47a826eb-9044-430b-b4ec-b27819185302.jpg

Here I am wearing fur (I have to highlight that it is faux, I would never wear a real one and you should also do the same) and jeans,cozy and kinda impressive outfit because of the fur,just the way I like it! I am so ready for Spring and I'm so over this cold and rainy weather. Yesterday's sunny day was just a reminder of why I feel so lucky to live in Greece. Twenty degrees Celsius with a little breeze,perfection! Hope you enjoy this outfit xx

Faux Fur: Romwe here 
tee and cap: Supreme
jeans: Levi's  


Pretty flacko

 photo 1-10.jpg  photo 2-11.jpg  photo 3-11.jpg  photo 5-4.jpg  photo 4-8.jpg

I love androgynous style .. What's more classy and sexy than a total black suit ?! Try it with high heels for a more formal and sexy occasion and with flats for a more common but still classy occasion .. My photographer had too many obstacles and i had too much demands !! He didn't take it any more and he did what he did ..

P.S. : Photos and edit by Ziza Nius !!

Vintage Blazer
ASOS Trousers,Shoes and Necklace


Green light

 photo a823364d-57c5-4ab2-abf4-325a45563d0e.jpg
 photo 86b7030e-d1cf-47a3-b965-d5b8d53acc8e.jpg  photo cefa6073-67b0-44af-9375-eb880d994dc2.jpg  photo 977853e3-9499-4617-8340-a0b073d335fe.jpg

*So if you want to .. You got the green light*
This is a preview .. I'm gonna show you a full outfit too !

Diamond Tee
American Apparel Socks


South side

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Good day to all fo you guys.
The sun is shining here in Athens so expose your self to those solar rays.
It is good for your health.

P.S. : Photos and edit by Ziza Nius !!

Vintage Top
H&M Skirt and Socks
Vans era Shoes
Earrings from Honey N !!


Coming Soon


I ordered these things above and they're coming straight to me :D
Do you like anything ?!
P.S. : Laraki


Burgundy Dress from : here
Diamond Tee from : here
Beanies from : here
Sweatshirt from : here
Cap from : here
Swimsuit from : here