It's a hard pill to swallow

I did this shoot 2 or 3 weeks ago .. I saw this dress in that specific colour long time ago but i bought it 2 months ago and i'm posting it now ! I'm doing all things on time as you can see !! Did i mention that i know how to use in a sentence the word "ago" ?! Yeah well .. Cheers for me !

American Apparel Dress
Nelly shoes
H&M Rings and Bracelet


Original Don

 photo DSC_5439-Edit-Edit-7.jpg photo DSC_5387-1.jpg  photo DSC_5478.jpg

I can easily say that this sweatshirt is my favorite piece for this year ! I like it so much that i named it .. Original Don .. I believe that it's a representative name !! 

Original Don Sweatshirt 
Leggings from here
Office Shoes 
Bag from here


The Blame On Mame x Crystale Clothing Drop 2

 photo DSC_0304.jpg  photo DSC_0340.jpg  photo DSC_0372.jpg  photo DSC_0322.jpg  photo DSC_0370.jpg  photo DSC_0357.jpg  photo DSC_0355.jpg

We made a promise,so .. here is the release of the second drop of Crystale Clothing !
You can see the pieces we wear here,here and here !!

P.S. : Photos and edit by Charoula Stamatiadou ! You can see her amazing work here !!


The Blame On Mame x Crystale Clothing Drop 1

 photo DSC_0165i.jpg  photo DSC_0192i.jpg  photo DSC_0237i.jpg  photo DSC_0211i.jpg  photo DSC_0178i.jpg  photo DSC_0221i.jpg  photo DSC_0244i.jpg  photo DSC_0253i.jpg

A few days ago we received a parcel from Crystale, a premium streetwear clothing brand based in UK. We were glad to see some lovely t-shirts, sweatshirts and headwear in good quality and interesting designs. Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned because we have another dope Crystale post for you! Have a nice weekend x

P.S. : We need to thank Charoula Stamatiadou for the wonderful photos and we send her our love too !!
You can visit her site : here

Crystale Online Shop
Crystale FB page


Online suggestions

 photo titled-1.jpg
 photo rt1.jpg

We found online at Topshop.com some beautiful and sexy lingerie ! We want them all,what about you ? 
You can click on the numbers and see them :


Fishnet Top

 photo smallDSC_0218.jpg  photo smalllDSC_0171.jpg

I found this sweet top in the Birmingham's store of H&M !! The moment i saw it,i knew that it had to be mine .. You can say that it's one of the trends that will reach the massive production era ! I still like it though cause is different !!

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

H&M Blouse 
ZARA Shorts,you can find similar here,here and here 
Office Shoes
YSL Lipstick 


I brought some

 photo fbDSC_0325.jpg  photo sbDSC_0376.jpg

This pair of jeans is one of the items i brought from my trip ! I stopped by Topshop and i found pretty much nothing .. Suddenly the moment i was leaving the store,i saw it there,waving at me ! It was impossible not to notice it .. I immediately grabbed it and bought it ! :p

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius


Diamond Tee
Topshop Jeans but i think it's out of stock,you can see similar and also perfect jeans though here
Vintage Blazer, you can see similar here
Fendi Sunglasses
Superga Shoes from here


Call It Spring

 photo 319a88ea-70ae-45de-ba47-d4f690622ced.jpg  photo cd45a8b2-19a8-42b8-816e-a8ae36b74b00.jpg  photo 833a8cc6-1b46-4d7e-b781-fd1c309b86e8.jpg  photo be08484d-a439-4e60-b0ef-1c0b6cd8a897.jpg

A denim shirt with Mickey can easily become your favorite,especially when it is gifted by one from your best friends.I'm talking about Laraki of course! I have to get ready now and go to my university,I heard something about statistics and probabilities! So excited, NOOOOT! But I have one big kiss for you all xx 

pants,sunglasses,earrings: H&M 
bag: Supreme 
shoes: Vans