Nike Air Max Celebration Vol. 2

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Yesterday we were invited to K44 by Nike and Ministry Of Concrete in order to see the new Air Max Sunset Collection and dance a little!We had great fun as the previous time and we hope that Nike and Ministry will continue to offer us such beautiful and fashionable nights.The last photo shows you the shoes Nike offered us in such happy colours.Thank you guys!Wear your colourful Air Max and go out and party! 


Supreme x Kate Moss

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Finally this tee reached its true owner! For those who know me understand how much I wanted it, let's face it Moss the Boss and Supreme?! YESH please! I haven't also shown you my new Nikies, aren't they adorable? Probably best kicks for this season. 

tee: Supreme x Kate Moss
jeans: Cheap Monday 
shoes: Nike Janoski Floral from Color Skates (like their FB page here) 
hater necklace: send here inbox for orders 


Online Suggestions

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Choies gives you many good and special options,all you have to do is just click on the links !
Have a nice day xx


Streets Of Rage

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These are the final pieces from the things that i had to show you ,the things that i brought from my trip to England ! With a delay .. but i love you too :)

P.S. : Photos and edit by Ziza Nius !

Top from here
Rihanna for River Island Skirt 
Office Shoes 
Ankle Cuffs from here
Bag from here
SSUR-Caviar Cartel Snapback 


Some of Us

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You have probably seen these shorts all over the blogosphere but the best option is here and here from Sheinside!Cheap and nice solution for the hot upcoming Summer. Big Kiss xx 

shorts: Sheinside here 
shirt: H&M 
necklace: Clic Jewels 


Coming soon

 photo kolaz.jpg

I'm waiting for the fapulous (not fabulous) stuff above ..
xoxo Laraki


Neni's Bikinis Collection 2013

Our beloved girlfriend Neni Nikolaou is 25 years old and she lives in Athens/P.Faliro.You can say that she is a girl of the beach,who always loved summer,sea and especially sun!That’s why she decided to start a dope and fapulous brand on female swimwear signed with her name.She started making those perfect bikinis timidly in 2011 but year by year she upgrade them.The bikinis are numbered,unique and handmade here,in Greece!They only come out in one size,something between small and medium.She blends quality with freshness in reasonable prices!The skirts and the palazzo pants are made from muslin and you can have them under order in any colour (of those 4) and shape you want.For example you can have the purple palazzo in skirt and the lime skirt in palazzo!Finally,we will show you how you can wear the palazzo she made in the streets.From this collection The Blame On Mame loves the fuchsia Cindy swimsuit and the sorbet strapless Jayne bikini!
You can find Neni : here and the bikinis : here !!!
Hurry up though cause the sold out sign is close enough! 
Enjoy mermaids ;)

P.S. : Photos taken by the ultimate photographer Ziza Nius !!


Top gun

 photo 1a.jpg  photo 4a.jpg

I like so much this dress from Sheinside.com !! I feel so sexy and comfy in it,at the same time .. Rare thing ! 
It's an adaptable dress for all times !! Try it ! It's worth it ;) 
You can get it in the link below .. Cheers !!

Dress from here
Shoes from here


Black & Jeans

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The other day when I received my order from Sheinside I was thrilled because this dress is as I was expected!  Comfy and nice for everyday use but at the same time special. These days also I wear all the time my hater necklace, I love it! Will you go anywhere for Easter holidays?! Whatever you do enjoy your time x

chiffon dress and denim shirt: Sheinside chiffon dress  and denim shirt  
cap: Supreme 
shoes: Vans 
sunglasses: Thrasher