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Credits to Sheinside for these amazing shorts .. which i perfectly matched with my top as you can see :p
  These kind of shorts are just right for a bike ride and for a night out too !! It works anytime ..

P.S. : Photos taken by ZIza Nius

Sheinside Shorts
Minusey Tee
H&M Ring and Earrings
YSL Lipstick


Sheinside x TBOM 150$ Giveaway Winner

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We are very happy to announce that the winner is: Jamil Rose Tayson,number 53!!!Congratulations girl,you will receive soon an e-mail.Thank you all for your participation,next time will be the lucky one!Till then check Sheinside  xx



Tribute To 90's

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Before several days we met Dimosthenis in his own store called Athlorama and had a very nice session.We talked about everything is going on in Athens and after that he generously offered us some clothes from his very own vintage collection to show you.True 90's stuff as you can see!Dimosthenis is a very kind,hospitable and sweet guy and because we had a really good time with him,we strongly recommend you to pay a visit!
So,you can find Dimosthenis and his stuff  here and here.Hope you like what you see... Bisous!!!

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

Iren : Vintage Chicago Bulls Tee from Athlorama
American Apparel Socks and Scrunchie 
Superga Shoes
H&M Sunglasses 

Laraki : Vintage Chicago Bulls Baseball Jersey from Athlorama
American Apparel Scrunchie 
Shoes from Bird on a wire
ASOS and H&M Rings 




Sheinside knows about quality and design as you can see for yourself  !! Very comfy jeans !! I can wear it all summer .. Just this shorts ! Nothing more,nothing less .. Don't forget our huge giveaway below !! Register before it's too late .. 150 dollars can be yours !! Cheers !

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

Father's Shirt 
Shorts from here, you can also find similar here
Shoes from here and similar here
Rings from H&M and from here


What Lies Beneath

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I study and I am thinking about beaches,swimsuits,cold cocktails... In particular I need holidays! And who doesn't?! Did you take part in our Sheinside 150$ GIVEAWAY? If not fill in your details because  it ends on 21/06!   

t-shirt: Sheinside here 
pants and sunglasses: H&M 
necklace: ebay  


Sheinside x TBOM 150$ Giveaway

A huge giveaway sponsored by Sheinside just for our readers ! Sheinside offers 150$ voucher to one winner, so you have the chance to shop whatever you want from the amazing and latest street fashion online shop. You're so lucky fellas so many options and lots of money...We're so thrilled about it, hope we could compete too !

All you have to do is : 
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The giveaway starts now and ends on 21/06/2013.The winner will be announced here on the blog and on our facebook profile : here !
Good luck!!!


Get Outta My Way

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 photo fbDSC_0167.jpg

I feel my walk strange with those shoes but i like them ! I like this irregular sole of them ..
I'm gonna walk them all over town and i'm gonna keep you post it about those walks !!
Have a nice day for now ..

P.S. : Photos and edit by Ziza Nius

Vintage Blazer
Tank from here
Shorts from here
Shoes from here
H&M Cuffs 


Black Skirt

 photo ffDSC_0074.jpg  photo ffDSC_0242.jpg

A classic black skirt in it's best version .. a must have piece for a woman's closet !! Sheinside works for us .. and oooh i forgot .. WITH FREE SHIPPING ! Try yours here !! 

P.S. : Photos and edit by my wonderful Ziza Nius !!

Skirt from here
Top from here
ZARA Shoes 
H&M Necklace