Tribute To 90's

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Before several days we met Dimosthenis in his own store called Athlorama and had a very nice session.We talked about everything is going on in Athens and after that he generously offered us some clothes from his very own vintage collection to show you.True 90's stuff as you can see!Dimosthenis is a very kind,hospitable and sweet guy and because we had a really good time with him,we strongly recommend you to pay a visit!
So,you can find Dimosthenis and his stuff  here and here.Hope you like what you see... Bisous!!!

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

Iren : Vintage Chicago Bulls Tee from Athlorama
American Apparel Socks and Scrunchie 
Superga Shoes
H&M Sunglasses 

Laraki : Vintage Chicago Bulls Baseball Jersey from Athlorama
American Apparel Scrunchie 
Shoes from Bird on a wire
ASOS and H&M Rings 


  1. You're rocking it really hard girls <3

  2. this 90s crush is getting over me.
    you both look eye-mazing and the tees are to die for.

  3. You look like two, really cool and badass cheerios!
    Although, this is definitely not my style, you're rocking it really hard girls as Konstantina said above.