Bikini and Bralette

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Hello guys !! Excuse us for this month but we're on holidays ! Here is one more outfit with the Royal Rag label on it ! This bikini top matches perfectly with a pair of high waisted jeans or skater skirts ! Do it your way .. So bikini and bralette .. Royal Rag has the power !! Cheers !


Royal Rag Top
Levi's Jeans


Vndlsm Clothing x TBOM

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We are delighted to present you from TBOM one more street-wear brand designed and made in the UK.Vndlsm Clothing is a promising new company with very nice designs and good quality.We are looking forward to see more new winter designs by them! 

Like the fb page here and make your online shopping here!

photos by: Bibo Zouhri


Online Suggestions

Here is our monthly update,highly recommended from us just for you...Kiss x



Have A Toast

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I think it's time for us to have a toast...for the douchebags-assholes-scumbags,everyone of them that I know,Yeezus said and I agree! In other respects I bought this tank in March and I post it now in August, I'm such a terrible blogger :)  

tank: Stussy here 
leggings: H&M x Versace 
shoes: Vans 
earrings: asos here  


Stick Or Twist

Royal Rag again !! Backless black top .. The perfect choice for summer ! You can match it with everything ! Maxi skirts,shorts,jeans .. with almost all the bottom stuff !! It's a daily apparel cause is so simple but you can wear it at night too because of the perfect back .. Day or night ?! The choice is yours ! The only sure thing is that you must have it !! I did :)

Visit them here !!

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

Necklace and Jeans from here
Royal Rag Top 
Marni for H&M Shoes