Black Dahlia

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 photo fds3.jpg

Almost black ! A detail of holographic spotted there to make a difference .. 
We have some good stuff coming up these days,so stay here !! 

ASOS Dress
ZARA Sandals
Sheinside Blazer
Mango Sunglasses
DIY Necklace 
Topshop Lipstick 


White Heels

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I started to have a thing for white colour some years ago ! I like it everywhere .. On me,in my room,outside ! Everywhere ! Especially in interior design !! My friends call me "swedish girl" .. Hilarious :/ :/ 
Anyway i bought these fine shoes from Jennie-Ellen and here is a preview !! 
xo Laraki


Coming Soon

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Hola !! Just stopped by to show you my new orders :) 
Have a nice .. 
xoxo Laraki 




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Monochrome outfits .. I love them ! Especially total black and total white ! The second one i think that can give you a clean and classy feeling .. It works for me for sure ! So bring your white clothes out and try it !!

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

ASOS Socks
Coal N Terry  Bracelet
H&M and ASOS Rings 
Topshop Sandals 


Around Greece

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Some pictures we took during our summer adventures...We had so much fun... Back to reality now!


Online Suggestions

Your monthly update for what's hot to buy on the net ..
Stay tuned !! 



Sing it back

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As you can see I got my first Pigalle tee straight from Paris,thanks to my lover Bibo. In other aspects I guess you noticed that summer is over and as for me it's time again for studying. So,are you ready for fall and everything this includes?!   

tee: Pigalle 
pants: H&M 
holographic bag and pony hair slip on shoes: Zara