Around Greece

 photo IMG_7859.jpg  photo IMG_7293.jpg  photo IMG_6324.jpg  photo IMG_6442.jpg
 photo IMG_7125.jpg  photo IMG_7252.jpg
 photo IMG_6295.jpg
 photo IMG_6334.jpg  photo IMG_6011.jpg  photo IMG_7103.jpg  photo IMG_7304.jpg  photo IMG_7651.jpg  photo IMG_8729.jpg  photo IMG_7117.jpg  photo IMG_6312.jpg  photo IMG_6297.jpg  photo IMG_7145.jpg  photo IMG_8167.jpg  photo IMG_6356.jpg  photo IMG_8022.jpg
 photo IMG_8295.jpg  photo IMG_6336.jpg  photo 1278557_10151703022373853_881673172_n.jpg  photo IMG_7318.jpg
 photo IMG_7436.jpg  photo IMG_7911.jpg  photo 711441_10151703022383853_1951038852_n.jpg  photo IMG_7073.jpg  photo IMG_5891.jpg  photo IMG_8140.jpg  photo IMG_8831.jpg  photo IMG_6354.jpg  photo IMG_8202.jpg  photo IMG_8387.jpg

Some pictures we took during our summer adventures...We had so much fun... Back to reality now!


  1. θαυμάσιο! πού είναι αυτό;
    αγαπώ το άσπρο μαγιό!

    1. Einai apo diafora meri ! Mikono,Kalamata,Kriti kai Euboia :)

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