Lolita's Project By Neni

Lolita’s project by Neni Nikolaou ,is a small collection inspired by the Lolita movie!The fabrics used in this collection are muslin, poplin and georgette for the "lolita" blouses, neoprene (the fabric that diving suits are made from) for the "scuba" skirts and crepe for the palazzo pants.The blouses are one size (fits all) but the scuba skirts and the "palazzo" pants are adjustable to your waist and height.The palazzo pants will come soon in another two colors (burgundy and grey) and you can wear them with heels, plimsolls even with your all stars...They are very cozy and modifiable to any style!You can make them yours only by order! 
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We like them very much!What about you ?! 

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius visit his fb page here 
Make up by Neni!
This girl is so talented in many different ways... 
Go ahead and ask her anything about make up and the products she used on us!


1st Look :
Iren : Black Floral Lolita Blouse
Black Palazzo Pants

Laraki : Blue Polka Lolita Blouse
Navy Palazzo Pants

2nd Look :
Iren : Beige Polka See Through Lolita Blouse
Black Palazzo Pants

Laraki : Baby Pink Lolita Blouse
Navy Palazzo Pants

3rd Look : 
Iren : Black Polka See Through Lolita Blouse
Midi Scuba Skirt

Laraki : Light Pink Polka See Through Lolita Blouse
Mini Scuba Skirt

4th Look :
Iren : Black Lolita Blouse
Laraki : Black Floral See Through Lolita Blouse
Sensemillia Hamsa Necklace here


Illustrated People x TBOM

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 photo 9cbcf87e-8803-444c-9829-7d5566b07340.jpg

Illustrated people are more than just a fashion label.They are a team of freethinking creators pushing the boundaries of the commercial fashion industry,taking influence from all art forms,believing in originality and freedom of expression!
Visit their site here to know them better !!
xoxo The Blame On Mame

P.S. : Photos taken by Bibo


Iren :
Illustrated People Tee
necklace: Sheinside here
pants: H&M
shoes: Vans

Laraki :
Illustrated People Tee
Sensemillia Earrings
Minusey Sweater as Skirt
Bird on a wire  Plimsoles
Fishnet Socks