Sensemillia handmade creations was established in 2011 in Athens. A need of inspiration-oriented, reasonably priced jewellery in the market had grown very strong.
All crafts are inspired and hand worked by artist Sissy Soulimioti a fashion design graduate, using hip and stylish materials like plexi-glass but also recycled objects. By combining artistic and elegant ideas to modern and retro style, Sensemilia handmade creations has had the privilege to enjoy a global reputation.
Sissy's creations have been selected by designers and artists to highlight their work in magazines, commercials and public appearances. Just visit her site and see for your self ! CLICK HERE !!

Vintage Blazer
Thrifted Shirt
Forever  Tee
ASOS Dungaree pants simillar here 
Office Shoes 
Sensemillia Earrings 


Plastic Dreams

Plastic dreams ! I have a thing for plastic on clothing a while now .. I made this bag which I love and I want to make more things with this material,like shoes and raincoat. I really suggest you before you buy anything you see and you like that you do a research in town about how you can do it yourself  or where you can find the material you want and the right person to make it real. Keep in mind that you maybe save money ! 

Topshop Coat
Topshop Trousers similar here
Forever Tank Top
Bag made by me 


Sheinside Suggestions

 photo 1ca1d872-d8e8-488e-9eb6-02b2a2286757.jpg

Did you notice?! It's cold outside...So,TBOM as always provides and gives you the best coat-options in order to be stylish and warm at the same time. Biggest trend for Fall are coats: oversized,wool,leather or fur,adjust to you whatever suits you better and visit Sheinside ,an online shop with so many different choices at low prices and FREE shipping!


Isabel Marant x H&M

Once again we didn't have the chance to take pictures of the clothes,because of the panic there was and when things calm down everything was sold out.Have you ever seen women who kill for a piece of clothing?!We have seen and trust us they can become very aggressive. Otherwise H&M did it again yesterday!They hosted a very nice evening with plenty of drinks,desserts and fashion.


Black On Black

 photo 8a822826-7c1d-44bb-a3dc-4543ac95e703.jpg  photo 2c979c66-f5dc-4759-82d9-d269e7e2a99b.jpg  photo df029eba-5705-49fa-832c-0322a53ab1a0.jpg

Tomorrow we will be at the exclusive party for Isabel Marant pour H&M and it will be a pleasure to see you all there...
Have a nice day xx 

tee: Palace 
leggings: Sheinside here 
slip ons: Zara