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The Blame On Mame



Wear It Big

Suddenly I have a need for ice cream and i'm gonna have one .. Whatever !! Once, I was in a hurry so I pulled off some random clothes from my closet and matched them and since then I'm wearing this outfit often. I have some other favorites too, do you ?!

Photos taken by Ziza Nius 

ASOS Pants, similar here
Vintage Shirt, similar here 
ZARA Sandals, similar here 
H&M Necklace, similar and actually even better here 
Earrings are a Gift 


Down Town

The ideal outfit for down town walks, cool yourself with a straw hat and fan ..
I think i'm officially over summer and i'm looking forward to winter, so let the fall begin !

Photos taken by Ziza Nius 


Vintage Shirt and Straw Fan
American Apparel Jeans and Bag
Soludos Espadrilles
Straw Hat from Local Shop Down Town Athens


Fucked Up

Culottes were by far my favorite summer trend,if the garment is good you can wear them all day and under all circumstances.Even at a formal event,for example I've worn mine at the Marie Claire Blog Awards in June (photo here). I've seen many nice winter culottes also, made of wool and other warm fabrics,which will be perfect for the upcoming cold and cozy days...

Tee & Bag: Supreme 
Culotte Shorts: Topshop here 
Slip On Shoes: Zara  (you can find a similar pair here
Sunglasses: Ebay 


Shell Kaftan

Favorite spot for photos. I like this huge mass of sand, it feels like i'm not here, i mean in Greece. It's a bit exotic for me. Anyway i have to say that this kaftan is the KEY piece for your summer (the rest of it). Even if your vacations are over, you need this kaftan ! Try it for a morning coffee or an afternoon tea and of course at the beach. Get it now.

Lilac Shell Kaftan from here



Boho Child

Είναι μια ώρα δύσκολη τώρα, οπότε θα γράψω στα ελληνικά για πρώτη φορά ! Όχι ότι έχω κάτι ιδιαίτερο να πω και όχι ότι θα το δείτε αφού οι περισσότεροι είστε διακοπές. Το post πρέπει να γίνει όμως οπότε είναι αναπόφευκτη η επικοινωνία μου μαζί σας. Για την ακρίβεια ήθελα απλά να σας δείξω, το kimono αυτό που μου έστειλε  το Sheinside το όποιο μ’αρέσει πολύ και με έχει βολέψει απίστευτα συν του ότι είναι  αρκετά οικονομικό. Παρακάτω δίνω το link από όπου μπορείτε να το προμηθευτείτε. Επιτέλους εκφραστικά όπως ακριβώς ήθελα. Πολύ καλημέρα σας.

Kimono from here 
Levi's Shorts cropped by me 
Topshop Rings
Fendi Sunglasses


Pink Woman

Here is my latest project. If you don't know about Pink Woman, get your self a tour here 
P.W. is a Greek company, established in 2004 in Northern Greece and was created in need 
of young women who want to stand out without spending much.

Photos taken by Ziza Nius

Whole Outfit from here 


Online Suggestions

Hello to our readers, we hope that you're having a great time and if not yet we're here for you to help you prepare your suitcase. We found some really cool beach towels for you, to keep you dry,comfy and stylish for the rest of the summer. Enjoy !! 


Hot Days

You are probably sick of kimonos because you see them everywhere these days, on TV, blogs, magazines, streets etc... You have a point but the truth is that kimonos are a lovely trend! They transform a basic kinda boring outfit into something way more interesting and cute. Anyway I really enjoy wearing mine from 6KS !

Kimono: 6KS here 
Top and Trousers: Zara (you can find them both on sale now) 
Sandals: H&M  
Sunglasses: Ebay here 


Summer in the city

My summer will be all about buildings, traffic, heat, air pollution, studying and watching movies. 
Nothing will change for me this year but i will enjoy it .. Yeah, well 6ks send us some pretty cool stuff. 
Check out their online shop, you will find a wide variety in very good prices and with free shipping. 
Do your shopping girls, let the good times roll and enjoy your (i wish spectacular) summer. 
Black and white is my current mood.
xoxo Lary 

Photos taken by Ziza Nius 

Dress from here
Blouse from here
ZARA Shoes
Mango Sunglasses 


Vegetal x TBOM

During our Sunday walk downtown we decided it would be a good idea to show you our new basketball jerseys. Vegetal sent them to us straight from Paris and we love them! Their quality and printing is great as their price. Jerseys are perfect for summer because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time,visit their site for more designs, here
As seen at the photos above once again we couldn't resist and buy our favorite ice cream from Haagen-Dazs. This time we picked one with Belgian Chocolate, which is made simple, stirring in the ice cream real melted dark chocolate from Belgium. Simple yet so seductive! Haagen-Dazs nothing to hide!  

Iren :
Floral Basketball Jersey: Vegetal here 
Jeans: Levi's 
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith 

Laraki :
Basketball Jersey : Vegetal here
Trousers : similar here
White Tee : Boy London
Nike Sliders : similar here
Scranchie : American Apparel


HVNT Clothing

It was such a windy day .. I couldn't put it all together, my hair, my clothes everything was falling apart ! Anyway I want to introduce to you (if you are not aware of) this great brand, HVNT clothing. An independent brand that provides super cool classic streetwear by combining innovative design with quality apparel in very reasonable and affordable prices. Get a glimpse here !
One love to the owner !!

Photos taken by Ziza Nius 

River Island Trousers similar here
ZARA Sandals
Sanktoleono Earrings