Stan Smith In Athens

Yesterday Stan Smith,the legendary American tennis player who gave his name to the best-selling sneaker of Adidas was here in Athens,at Six d.o.g.s in response to the relaunch of the shoe.It was a great pleasure for me to attend this beautiful event,even though I missed the other half of TBOM, Laraki. The Adidas Pop Up Store will be open for two more days at Six d.o.g.s so you can go and grab your own pair of Stan Smith. I can't miss to say that yesterday everyone was speaking about how approachable and cute were Stan Smith and his beautiful wife (photo above with me). Thank you Adidas for this great opportunity to meet a legend and for the incredible night (special thanks to Yiannis Hatzinikolaou). Also,sorry for the blurry photos,some are taken with my iPhone and okay don't be jealous because I have my Stan Smith signed by Stan Smith himself! 


Keep The Balance

I wear this coat almost every day. I wanted one black long coat for a long time and I finally got it thanks to Sheinside. I'm glad that we have a sponsor like them. Anyway did I tell you about my new top ?! Well I have to say that it is so soft, like a blanket .. I could sleep in it !! 

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius

Coat from here 
Top made by me 
Skirt made by Neni Nikolaou
Boots from here
Vintage Earrings 


Wild Side

One more perfect set added to my wardrobe. I've been waiting for this one for a very long time. I want more of them :) 
I have to thank my sweetest friend Angie who brought it to me from CA. 
I love her and i miss her already. 

P.S. : Photos taken by Ziza Nius 

Set from here


All Seeing Eye

Today the temperature in Athens is 18 Celsius and as you can imagine it's full of sunshine...At last something works properly here in Greece and I also could say that this is the main reason other countries hate us haha!Have a nice day people x

Eyes print long sleeve: Sheinside (check the white version) 
Tee: Thrasher via Ministry Of Concrete 
Jeans: Levi's 
Shoes: Dr.Martens Boots via Nasty Gal