Stan Smith In Athens

Yesterday Stan Smith,the legendary American tennis player who gave his name to the best-selling sneaker of Adidas was here in Athens,at Six d.o.g.s in response to the relaunch of the shoe.It was a great pleasure for me to attend this beautiful event,even though I missed the other half of TBOM, Laraki. The Adidas Pop Up Store will be open for two more days at Six d.o.g.s so you can go and grab your own pair of Stan Smith. I can't miss to say that yesterday everyone was speaking about how approachable and cute were Stan Smith and his beautiful wife (photo above with me). Thank you Adidas for this great opportunity to meet a legend and for the incredible night (special thanks to Yiannis Hatzinikolaou). Also,sorry for the blurry photos,some are taken with my iPhone and okay don't be jealous because I have my Stan Smith signed by Stan Smith himself! 

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